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LESSON 5- Snidget

Date Assigned: 4-20-07 (Friday)
Date Due: 4-27-07 (Friday)

Part I
Review of last week's lesson and points

Last week we discussed Owls

Point standings for Lesson 2:

*Gryffindors are winning overall...but you can change that!
*Don't forget there are two mini reports with no due dates.

Part II
Magical Creature Lesson

This week we will discuss the snidget. The snidget is a small bird. It has a spherical

shape and can fly with great speed and agility. It has beautiful golden feathers with red

jewel like eyes.

It is because of these qualities that is was highly sought after and hunted. They were

hunted for their feathers as well as Quidditch. They were a very central part to the game

until later on the golden snitch came to replace it. Nearing extinction the species was

protected; many reserves exist across the world.


Part III

Each question is worth 5 points.

1. What type of animal is a snidget?
2. What shape allows it to be so quick?
3. What color are the feathers?
4. What game were they critical to?
5. True or false: The Snidget is extinct.
6. What is the MoM rating?
7. Why is this rating given?
8. What is the name of the Snidget reserve in England?
Review Question from last week: What two functions do owls serve the wizarding world?

Extra Credit
(10 points)

Find a picture of a bird that looks similar to a snidget.

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