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Lesson #3 Kneazles

Lesson #3 KNEAZLES
Date Assigned: 6-26-07 (Tues)
Date Due: 7-3-07 (Tues)

Part I.

Cats are special in the wizarding world. However, not all cats are cats. Kneazles are a very intelligent cat. This intelligence is very helpful in detecting deceitful or shady people. When a kneazle finds a wizard or witch it likes it makes for an excellent pet.

Kneazles have spotted fur and a bushy tail similar to a lion. The rest of their appearance is assumed to look like a regular cat.

The ministry of magic has rated them XXX. They can be aggressive if provoked. However, members of the wizarding world own them and breed them. They can understand human speech and this also helps with their understanding of suspicious activity.


Part II

Each question is worth 3 points.

1. Kneazles are closely related to which animal?
2. They can detect what in people?
3. True or False: They make excellent pets.
4. True or false: They have a straight tail.
5. True or false: Hermione's Crookshanks is a Kneazle.
6. Who owns three Kneazles?
7. Who breeds Kneazles (specific person)?

Review (5pts) What type of dragon did Fleur have to battle?

Extra Credit (10pts) If you had a pet Kneazle what would you name it and why? 2-3 reasons jusiticfation.
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