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Lesson #6

Date Assigned: 4-27-07 (Friday)
Date Due: 5-4-07 (Friday)

Part I
Review of last week's lesson and points

Last week we discussed the snidget.

Point standings for Lesson 5:

*Gryffindors are winning overall...but you can change that!
*Don't forget there are two mini reports with no due dates.

Part II
Magical Creature Lesson

This week we will discuss something not found in Harry Potter (though it would be cool if it
were)! I would like to share something with you from around my region of the US. Hogzilla,
debated as a myth, was actually found to be a larger than life Hog in Georgia.

Hogzilla was first mentioned as being 12 feet and 1,000 pounds by the citizens of Alphaha,
Georgia.. After exhuming the body it was actually found to be 7.5-8 feet and 800 pounds.
Regardless, Hogzilla, a myth of the time was found to be an actuality.

However, this was not the end to Hogzilla. Hogzilla must of had a family...In 2007 in
Fayetteville, Georgia there was another sighting of Hogzilla. A boar weighing 1,100 pounds
was shot and killed. There were also other hogzillas spotted in the area, uprooting the
yards and vegatation in residential areas.

These hogzillas are considered feral, and very dangerous. For a muggle, one must notify the
proper authorities as soon as one is sighted to help protect the area.
Though the hog is dangerous, it has provided a spirit of festivity for the towns. There are
festivals that take place, parades and even a hogzilla princess.


Part III

Each question is worth 5 points.

1. What was Hogzilla's actual weight?
2. What was Hogzilla's actual measurement?
3. Which town found the first hogzilla?
4. Where was the second Hogzilla found?
5. Are there any more hogzillas?
6. How do towns celebrate?
7. You know how a muggle can avoid danger, but what do you suggest a wizard do to protect
8. True of false: Hogzilla is domesticated.

Review: Why was the snidget replaced?

Extra Credit
(10 points)

Create a 2-3 sentence myth about a "hogzilla" ;)

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