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MIDTERM EXAM- Questions over lessons 1-6.

All questions are worth varied points. The exam will be graded based on points earned/

points possible. Then the averages will only give you BONUS points.

A= +20 points
B= +15 points
C= +10 points
D= =5 points
F= no extra points.

You can earn UP TO 92 points overall- WOO!

Section I- True or false (2 points each)
1.The Snidget is extinct.
2.You should always jump right in due to the agressive nature of hippogriffs.
3.Hogzilla is domesticated

Section II- MC (3 points each)
1.Owls represent:
A. Truth
B. Honor
C. Status
D. Class

2. Male griffins are called:
A. Grifs
B. Mares
C. Proctor
D. Keythong

3. Which is not a way to subdue a Cerberus:
A. honeycake
B. dance
C. sacred river water
D. music

Section III-Fill in the blank (4 points each)
1. __________ were originally used in Quidditch.
2.Owls are used for ___________ and __________ in the wizarding world.
3.The physical attributes of a Griffin represent _______ and ________.

Section IV- Short answer (5 points each)
1.Which two Georgia towns has Hogzilla been discovered in?
2.What are the parents to a hippogriff?
3.Fluffy was most similar to ___________.

Section V-Essay (worth 30 points)
Essays must be 5-7 secntences.

1. What has been your favorite lesson thus far?
2. Write a brief story involving all 6 creatures.

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