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Date Assigned: 6-12-07 (Tues)
Date Due: 6-19-07 (Tues)

Part I.
Syllabus of the class:

Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures with Professor Starfire. Over the course of the next few weeks we will all jump right in to learning about the beings that share this earth with us. In this class we will cover magical creatures from the Harry Potter world, as well as mythological and magical creatures from the regions around us.

Assignments will include lessons with short quizzes, reports, exams and one final exam at the end of this course. Assignments will earn points for your house. Assignments are not mandatory but highly encouraged. If you miss one you will not be punished, however, you will not earn points.

Assignments are due on their due dates unless noted otherwise, or arrangements are made with the professor.

Professor's contact information is and AIM KellyUWGA.

1. Respect is mandatory for the professor as well as other students.
2. Avoid copying verbatim from websites, give some originality to your work. Also, if you do quote/use a website- let us in on where you got it from!
3. All subject lines MUST contain your house or points will not be given.
4. Have fun and feel free to make suggestions!

Part II
First Magical Creature Lesson
Today you will learn about Abraxan. Abraxan are a breed of the Palamino horse that are large and winged. According to Madame Maxime, they only drink single malt whiskey. She breeds them and they are used as a means of transportation for her school, Beauxbatons. They have fiery red eyes and require forceful handling.

Part III

Each question is worth 2 points.

1. What forms of assignments are there in this class?
2. Are all assignments mandatory?
3. Where should you put your house name on assignments?
4. What will we cover in this class?
5. True of false: It is ok to lift verbatim from the web an answer to class.
6. What breed of horse are abraxan derived from?
7. Who breeds these horeses at Beauxbatons?
8. What do they drink?
9. In which book did they first appear?
10. True or false: The horses always have green eyes.

Extra Credit (10pts) Name 5 creatures you want to study.
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