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Lesson #4 Doxy

Lesson #4- DOXY
Date Assigned: 7-5-07 (Thurs)
Date Due: 7-10-07 (Tues)

Part I.

This week's lesson is on the doxy. Doxies are a biting fairy.

In appearance they are small and covered with black hair. They have very sharp teeth, perhaps this is what contributes to their tendency to bite.

They can infest houses, embedding themselves in the draperies/curtains. Removing them requires a good supply of Doxycide. Doxycide is a black liquid that repels the Doxy and usually for quite some time.

Because of this, Doxy are considered pests. When you try to exterminate them it is useful to have a supply of antidote on hand because they have venom.


Part II

Each question is worth 3 points.

1. What is a Doxy a smaller version of?
2. What are their teeth like?
3. They are covered with _______.
4. What do they infest?
5. Give an example from a HP book when they infested this.
6. What do you use to rid yourself of doxies?
7. Describe the answer to #6.
8. What is the MOM rating for Doxy?
9. Who pockets a Doxy in order to experiment with their venom?
10. True of false: Someone in the HP universe dies in book 5 from a Doxy bite.

Review (5pts) Who owns three Kneazles?

Extra Credit (10pts) Draw a MS paint version of a Doxy.
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